Demand for high voltage & high speed connectors will grow rapidly

In the era of automobile three modernizations, the demand for high-voltage & high-speed connectors will grow rapidly, and domestic enterprises will welcome the golden development period. Under the trend of automobile electrification, the three-electric system requires higher-power high-voltage system support, which will lead to the demand for automobile high-voltage connector products; under the trend of automobile intelligence, faster data traffic support is required, which will lead to the demand for high-speed connector products. We expect that by 2025 , my country’s high-voltage connector market is expected to reach 31.5 billion yuan, and the high-speed connector market is expected to reach 15 billion yuan. my country’s automotive connector industry started late and has a low starting point for development. However, domestic companies are gradually expanding their market share in the connector market by virtue of their advantages such as flexible response and closeness to customers. , the transfer of production capacity of electronic manufacturing services, etc., have brought new opportunities for local enterprises to develop.

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